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Lessons in Survival from My Okie Mom


My mother would have been 97 years old today. In some ways, I’m glad she’s not around to see this mess. I think she would be disheartened. On the other

On the Winter Solstice, Forward

In literary terms, a foreword to a book is usually written by someone other than the author, but I’ve got no time for that, since it’s the shortest day of

Chapter One – Don’t Chase Boys

In light of the momentous global and national tumult, I realize that mother-daughter stories might seem insignificant at present. But some things do hold up over time, like these “soundbites

Chapter Two – Pay Attention to What You Are Doing

(To listen to the audio version of this post on SoundCloud, click here.)   Seems obvious enough, right? Pay attention to what you’re doing, especially if, for example, you’re operating

Chapter Three, Courage of Your Convictions

(Rather listen than read? Click here for the audio version on SoundCloud) In one of my occasional clutter purges, which undoubtedly started as a quest to find a stamp or