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Lessons in Survival from My Okie Mom

About Jean Ellen Whatley

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An Emmy Award-winning journalist cum author Jean Ellen Whatley’s memoir, Off the Leash: How My Dog Inspired Me to Quit My Job, Pack My Car and Take a Road Trip Across America to Reclaim My Life was a best seller on Grant Road. She’s been published in Salon and featured in HuffPost.

Jean’s television news career spanned twenty years and many regions of the country, including New Mexico, Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Missouri. She has appeared on CNN and ABC and it wasn’t in a perp walk. An independent video producer since the analog days, Jean continues to run her own production business, Whatley Media Group. She is also an adjunct professor of journalism at Saint Louis University.

Follow Jean on Instagram @jeanellenwhatley and on Twitter @jeanofftheleash.